Chandra Criffield, LMSW

“Our children need to know that they are precious, in the sunshine and the rain.”
-Karyn Purvis

Meet Chandra

Chandra has a Masters in Social Work from The University of Michigan and has been working in the field of adoption since 2003. She is well-versed in the issues that can affect adoptive families, and joined Families Forever Counseling as a therapist in 2012.

Aside from her role as therapist, Chandra has worked with children in preschool and public school settings. She remains active in the youth ministry at her church, and has enjoyed this opportunity. Chandra and her husband have been married since 2009; they have one young daughter together.

My Approach & Values

I have always wanted to work with children. In fact, I’ve never considered anything else; it’s as if it was imprinted within my soul. After I earned my Masters in Social Work in 1999, I initially thought I’d work in the school systems and I spent three years in a local Head Start classroom.

In the meantime, my family pursued an intercountry adoption and it made an indelible impression upon me. I pursued a job in the adoption field and dedicated over 11 years of my life there before I began as a therapist at Families Forever Counseling in 2012. It is a wonderful blend of my clinical education and the passion I feel about working with children.

My approach tends to be infused with playfulness. Research shows that true healing can happen with our families if they strengthen their relational connections, and this can be most easily achieved through intentional playfulness. I love the work that I do, and consider it a privilege to get to know the families I see.

My Experience

  • Social worker since 1999
  • Started with Families Forever Counseling in 2012
  • Lead many training sessions on a variety of topics such as: trauma, grief and loss, the benefits of play, and more

My Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Michigan
  • Masters in Social Work, University of Michigan
  • Extended learning from Karyn Purvis and her team, Texas Christian University Institute of Child Development

Contact Me

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