Lynnae Guffie, LMSW

“I envision all life thriving beyond trauma. I have never met anyone, adult or child, who cannot come to a place of true healing and I hold this hope for all conditions. I am honored to bear witness to the joy shared through restoration of connection, peace and wholeness.”

Meet Lynnae

Prior to joining Families Forever Counseling, Lynnae served for eight years within the community, both as a crisis intervention worker and as a supervisor, seeking to support solution and healing within families that have experienced chronic abuse and neglect. This opportunity grew deep humility and respect for the hidden strength needed to survive the most difficult experiences of harm. This compassion and perspective has been carried into her current role as a therapist, working with families to build secure attachment and restore functional peace within their lives. Lynnae has been recognized as a leader for effectiveness in promotion of long-term family health and functioning within the field of family preservation by the State of Michigan.

Lynnae is an adult adoptee and inherently understands the complexity within the journey to healing, particularly when the past contains stories of disruption, loss and harm. Lynnae has two children and continues to engage with vulnerable families and at-risk youth within the community. Lynnae is passionate about promoting justice, spending time with nature and teaching collective wellness.

My Approach & Values

Choosing a therapist is a big undertaking and the motivation to connect with therapy is individual – perhaps at times of great distress, maybe a wish to change negative patterns within your family, or feasibly having a sense that something is not quite right within your heart or home. Considering that the most effective outcomes are based on the quality of relationship between client and therapist, I seek to meet all with mutual respect, presence and authenticity. I assume an individual approach that seeks closer understanding of what matters to you in your life and how your difficulties can be integrated with a greater vision of your resources and strengths. I believe the work should be both effective and accountable, leading to discovery of freedom from suffering.

I have also come to appreciate that trauma can appear in the more recognized form of psychological symptoms (such as depression and anxiety), but also in the more pervasive forms of physiological discomfort (such as headaches or diminished gut health) and behavioral upheaval (such as defiance or withdrawal). In this way, many people/families who come to therapy feel like they are overwhelmed, numb and disconnected, blaming themselves for lack of progress. I believe my role is to create an environment where an individual and/or family can safely work to process and integrate previously unmanageable information and emotions related to traumatic experiences. My treatment approach is sensitive to the critical need for safety and provides real assistance with emotional regulation, making meaning of experiences and enhanced social connections. With skilled support, the underlying tensions and fears that trigger the symptoms or behaviors can be resolved, freeing energy that has been bound up in the history of hurt and allowing for true connection and peace.

I also recognize that ongoing research in the fields of trauma, attachment, and neuroscience will and should continue to inform the practice of therapy. Best practice should always be dictated by current knowledge and research. Given the many challenges of trauma therapy and the relative newness of the field, I hold a special duty to stay current with developments that affect the evolution of this field.

My Experience

  • Eight years serving Kent County as part of a crisis intervention team
  • Served as supervisor for a family preservation team in Kent County
  • Part of Families Forever Counseling since 2015

My Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biopsychology, Grand Valley State University
  • Masters in Social Work with specialization in clinical treatment of trauma across the lifespan, Western Michigan University
  • Training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Current student of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

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