Support For Adoptive Families

We offer adoptive families our experience and extensive training in trauma and attachment issues

Pre-adoption Services

Prior to bringing the adopted child home, this session is designed to prepare the parents for what their child will experience in the first few days, what the parents will experience, and what they can do to begin the development of secure attachment.

Psychological Evaluations

Many countries are now requiring psychological evaluations of all adoptive parents. Kurt has been evaluating adoptive parents for many different countries for several years and will work with your agency to meet the specific requirements.  These evaluations are done in a timely manner and at a very reasonable cost to the family.

Therapy Services

Many children who are adopted have been affected by abuse, neglect, and abandonment. These issues can affect the child’s ability to attach to his or her new family.  Our therapy allows the child to confront his or her fears in a safe and nurturing environment, and enables the family to handle the difficult times in the most effective and loving way.

Our Staff

The therapists at Families Forever Counseling specialize in adoption issues.  Their experience and extensive training in trauma and attachment issues allow them to bring hope to the hopeless. Adoptive families no longer need to feel like they are all alone or that no one understands what they are going through!

Educational Events

Attachment & Adoption Seminars

This seminar for parents is designed to give adoptive parents a deeper understanding of attachment.  Parents will have the opportunity to explore the complex nature of attachment, to explore their own attachment history, and to interact with other adoptive parents.  

The seminar for adoption professionals is to educate them on the complex nature of attachment and to prepare them to educate adoptive parents more effectively.  It can be customized for your organization and can be done at your facility or Kurt’s office.

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