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Adoption.  The idea of adoption means something different to everyone.  Some think of “rescuing” a child from their poor circumstances.  Others think of couples who cannot have biological children.  Still others think of adding to a family that already has biological children.  The couple that is contemplating adoption, however, thinks of the love that they have that they want to share with a child.  They think about the joy that child will bring to their lives.  They think about being a family

Most of the time, this is exactly what happens.  The couple adopts a child.  The child adjusts to her new family and brings indescribable joy.  They truly are a family.  But what does the family do when it does not happen this way?  What does the family do when the child does not seem able to adjust to his new family?  What does the family do when love just does not seem to be enough? 

Unfortunately, this happens in a number of families.  When this happens, the parents typically decide they need to love the child more. Soon, however, their patience begins to grow thin.  They begin to wonder what is wrong with them.  What are they doing wrong?  Why can’t their beautiful child love them back?  No one else seems to understand their struggles.  They seek advice from other parents, but nothing seems to work.  Their patience soon turns to despair.  They try even harder, love the child even more, to no avail.  Their despair soon turns to hopelessness.  And even more sadly, they feel like they are all alone Is there anyone who understands what they are going through?

Yes, there is someone who understands, someone who can help.  The therapists at Families Forever Counseling specialize in adoption issues.  Their experience and extensive training in trauma and attachment issues allow them to bring hope to the hopeless. Adoptive families no longer need to feel like they are all alone or that no one understands what they are going through!